Friday, December 15, 2006

How to make a successful freeware (Listen up Microsoft)

How to make a successful freeware that gets you rich.

A case study of the ubuntu model;

Disclaimer: This text contains certain views as perceived by the author. Predictions and other details may be found from other’s point of view as wrong absurd. Or not entirely my idea; or in otherwords a collection of ideas.

The beginning. The circle of life

Mr Shuttleworth had a dream. Sure he was a crazy millionaire who had his way to space on occasions, but a really brilliantly crazy.

He never did believe in anything but himself, free software or you pay for it. Whatever used to be his idea? That’s the kind of idea that leads to the ubuntu. He takes best of both worlds [a recent take on the nvidia and ati drivers for linux with ubuntu]. And the best from the free world. Debian period. Combines them to make a one of a kind that used to be pioneered by the mandrake, the drake people. [now mandriva; has totally lost its touch]. He poured in millions into setting up Canonical Inc which had the dual edge knife, one of developing and integrating the best of free and the non free world. And other to give out free CD’s to the entire world populace with a PC.

With the distribution method of sending out free CD’s, few of them tried hoarding them as personal copies. But how much can you hoard. Then finally one starts to give it away to the ubuntu-less.

About footing the ubuntu bill

  1. Development : 1 million USD
  2. CD dispatches : a high estimate of 100 Million CD’s @ 0.09$ per peice [incl shipping] => 9 Million

This way he spend a total of 10 Million USD, in various versions and installments. I bet he would have done it much cheaper than the 9 million tag definitely . He could have outsourced this task to china or india or some other country for a much cheaper rate.

Anyways he spend 10 million USD, shipped out 100 Million copies with an average of 10 cents per disc you wonderfully rejoice.

What he got

  1. A modest 10% turn out of conversation to ubuntu? Lets estimate 10 Million ubuntu users either from another distro or from EVEN windows. That’s about half the estimate of linux users worldwide. []
  2. Shuttleworth made a brand that clicks with the population. Even though untold people believe they too follow the Google motto of don’t be evil!
  3. A command over what other developers in the community should do and shouldn’t do [the SuSe issue]
  4. A place in the OS history Textbooks. Even economics and some others as well.

What he can do

  1. Create enterprise versions of ubuntu, which of course would be preferred by the 10 million ubuntu converts!
  2. Either enter into a model like redhat or SLED
  3. Create a subscription based model like Symantec
  4. Or be an outright authority like Microsoft.
  5. Whatever he does could be and will be done at his additional expense and keeping his 10 million happy and growing to even more numbers.

Lessons for Microsoft

They could make the basic version of vista free. Damn I’ve been preaching that home version of vista would be free for about an year now. But none of my friends seem to listen.

But I sure hope it would be, at least if not in the first season it bound to be. Because it’s like trying to sell cakes with icing to a guy with a full stomach of plain old turkey and bread. It’s pointless. Unless you give it free. He’s not going to buy.

Microsoft’s got more than enough money from other sources. Its not that Microsoft survives on the poor end user like me or anyone like home user for their existence. It simply is too trivial for them. So why not make it free. As in free beer. Not as in free as in freedom.

Anyways Microsoft you know your numbers, why bother the consumers at lower levels with your mambo jumbo about money and such. You collect money from those who have money. Be more of like Robin Hood. Be more of a hero to us than be a dictator of sorts.

Tell me what do You think about my article.



Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Really Old Articles

Hey i just found a bunch of articles that i used to host on my 2 million bytes of hosting space provided my sancharnet (my old isp).

The articles are at least clearly 2 years old.

Here they are
An Introspection into the Message Digest 5 Algorithm [Sadly DOC]
Uploaded on :15-Sep-04
Article on MD5 algorithm which got me a lot of prizes in and around my state. Oh yeah this stuff made me a quite popular geek in my college.

Monetary Policy??? [DOC again!]
Uploaded on : 03-Jan-04
Sort of like terminologies and other related information to the monetary policy.Got Absolutely No idea why i wrote this stuff. Not that well written too.

International Monetary Fund [RTF]
Uploaded On : 25-Feb-04
Yeah this one is well written with reference and so on. But clearly its not a final version of things. I guess its got comments and all written by me. Oh Where in the world shall i find the final version. Yeah But who cares its just comments to check the spellings and so on.

Aspect Oriented Programming [PDF]
Uploaded on :29-Dec-04
A not so popular paper from me. But its sort of average i should say. Not that great. But the explanation sort of stuff i did on stage for this were out of the world. But this one little paper got accepted at IIT-Delhi; For reasons beyond my comprehension.

After the AOP paper, i was like made the supergeek of the college.

Its like when sitcoms do a patch up job instead of a new show, i do a patch up article writing. But i most of them are worth reading.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Reasons Beyond : Who i Am !

Have i ever told you why i am doing what I'm doing right now? The reason why i am into computers.

I always am into thinking a lot, a lot about me, a lot about my future, near and far. I've always wondered what would be life when i am 60.I want to be appreciated for what i do. Nasty of me but that's what i need.

Its a crazy and weird thought, i always want to do something, something that was worth, no, something well appreciated. My first break was when i saw cartoons of Disney (In fact i still watch cartoons, some may find it strange, but anyways i do), in which it said that these cartoons are the work of animators from Disney a whole 60 years ago. That made me think about these people. The animators. Who would be retired, probably sitting on their rocking chair or doing something around the house.His kid's trying to make a living in some company or the other. Busy with the youth of life.

On a typical lazy Sunday. When his kid's are working in the garden, or making food. The grandchildren all sitting in front of the TV watching a cartoon that you help made possible. When some kid pipes up to the other one you know grandpa made that cartoon. What can i say about that. That's the best kind of job satisfaction anyone can get.its probably the proudest moment one could have.

Truly that's the best, better than the money you make, or anything you do.that's the best kinda impression you get back .. that i should say is the best job satisfaction you'll ever get Think about it.

And i decided to be that grandpa,

I tried with all my effort to be an animator. But god's fate for me was against me. I tried to draw a crow, but it looked like a crowbar. Lack of imagination combined with arms that wont move to make a smooth curve are not designed by god to make an animator.

I thought thought and seeked advice and soon many said that computers are the next biggest in animation, so you can do help animators make systems that's faster and better.

Damn the next morning i wake up , i see myself going for engineering in Computer science. However much its not my cup of coffee. As you may remember before computers have never used to be my favorite subject, but economics.

The thought about the grandfather,made all the difference.

what do you think about this

Typical answers

1. You have found enough reasons, to declare me crazy
2. You think dat i think 2 much & i shud get a lyf instead of writing this
3. You want to be an animator?
4. Get lost.

Definitely I'd like your response to this wonderful thought of mine, even if they are the ones listed above , or others like comments or something!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Monkey

You may conclude that i am

* Crazy
* Weird
* Cukoo
* Foolish
* _____________ [Something else!]

Made in some country , bought in UK , brought to India. Over 18 or 19 years old !
The only doll that survived after my recklessness.

Its name is "Monkey".. ! kinda lame to have a doll after 20 years on this earth. but i love my monkey!

I don't Converse with my monkey anymore , since 10 years now !

My sister asks my monkey, who's the monkey you are with ! + lots more!

It was designed to be a hanging toy! but not anymore , seems that i never liked the string on its head. I managed to pull it off keeping its head in a single piece

I am going to keep it. Whatever it takes to keep it.
Currently its been to the washing machine at least ten times to keep it clean. I think its getting too old for that kind of handling. So thinking of alternative to maintain it.

so what do you think of this?

Take Care

Sandy Boy [1% of people call me this way]
SnadBoy[i call myself this way]
Sandy[24% of people call me this way]
Big Guy[10% of people call me this way @ School]
Sandeep[60% of people call me this way]
Zach[5% of people call me this way @ School]
Sandeep Zechariah George K [0% of people call me this way]

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Google + Females

I've represented Google at many events for women in engineering, and I'm always asked the same thing: "What's it like to work there?" I certainly don't mind discussing the subject, but I often think it would be great if more people could see it for themselves. Well, now you can. We invite you to take a sneak peek inside Google and hear straight from some of our female engineers what life here is really like.

Of course, our goal of recruiting as many gifted female engineers as we can also means encouraging young women who are still in school. So I'd like to issue a hearty congrats to the winners of this year's Anita Borg scholarships.

- Jen Fitzpatrick, Engineering Director, Google

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Project TrackMe !


Ah Life seems to simple , yet too complex. Trackme is just a simple project.It does what it says.It’s gonna track me wherever i am and most of all let you know where i am.

How it works

Well well, all of us have mobile phones right? Have you seen that little area on the phone where it says either u are in Worli,Mumbai or Kadavanthra,Cochin. Yeah Thats the whole deal what i’m intending to do. I will write a little java application for my nokia phone, which will then send out this detail of Kadavanthra or Worli to this website and store all those details in a database and the date & time the server recieved that message.

It would then sort out which one would be the ideal one to show you, if there is any change in the location. It will do so around 96 to 100 times a day an average of one every fifteen minutes.


To put it simple, its just another one of my wacky ideas, i’d like to do when i’m not lazy. And when i feel like working on it. Hmm and you could always check on me if i am a lying or track my way for an appointment with you?

Current Status

Idea’s good. advisers say its doable. It’s way easy and practical. Ah that’s about the current status. Been too lazy to download the java Dev kit for mobiles specially my nokia darling.

Nah I'm too lazy to do this !

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Merging the Obvious

Nokia Corp. and Siemens AG announced that, they will combine their mobile-network operations to create a joint venture with annual revenue of about $20 billion, a move that will help them compete with market leader Ericsson AB.

The 50-50 joint venture, to be called Nokia Siemens Networks, will be comprised of Nokia’s network business group and Siemens’ carrier-related operations, creating estimated synergies of 1.5 billion euros ($1.9 billion) by 2010, Nokia says..

The deal is the latest in a wave of consolidation that began last October when Stockholm-based Ericsson agreed to buy Marconi Corp.’s broadband Internet and telecommunications assets for 1.2 billion pounds. In April, Paris-based Alcatel launched a $13.4 billion stock swap to acquire Lucent Technologies Inc.

Wow , now lets see what does this mean for us? cheaper mobiles? or a war with ericsson? Anyways for customers and companies its a win win situation. But one should not forget the workers that will get fired as a direct result of this merger. Both the companies agreed that between 10 percent and 15 percent of staff positions, or about 9,000 jobs, would likely be cut over the next four years.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Spirited Free Fire !

I can see you fly.
You are an angel with wings,
high above the ground!

Soars so high,
rules you defy,
Freeing your soul benign.

The world combines,
to see you shine,
So Divine.

~ Yours SandyBoy ~

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Marking Scheme?

One of the first lessons that physics teaches us (well don’t worry that I’m going to talk about physics or anything boring, so read on) is that we have units of different kind. But what’s the use, we can’t measure distance between galaxies in nano-meters? Can we?

So here’s the deal of what I’m to blab all about. Like all major companies do, they device unique measures to prove that their product is better than anything you can find in this whole world. Be it your new flat screen TV, to the deo-spray you use.

Why has no one yet thought about the way they the old cronies evaluate our skills. With some concept called “marks”. Yeah innovative ideas like Grades, Percentile, Grade Point average, and plain old marks are there. But is it correct? Is this the best way to evaluate you?

Well in any case I don’t know much about you. But what I feel is that I can’t score anywhere you can call descent in these methods, because I’m a lazy kid. So Like all major companies I decided to push forward the idea, like kilometers/liter, why don’t we evaluate marks earned / hour studied?

The advantage lies with those people who do most of the learning the last minute. Critically the 11th hour. Well in some extreme cases 11th hour 59th minute and 58th second? Well those who do that will score terribly high in these scoring methods.

Ah lets consider the statistics, facts states that over 90% of the students fall in the category of those who study in the last minute. Lets not forget the 10% who scores well in the current schema, what will we give them?

Hmmm with reference to the current scenario in Delhi and other places in India, I guess we ought to allow for some reservation.

Think about the concept of studying for half an hour to get the essential 50%? Well that person has got a very high score in my marking scheme. The persons rate of studying is 100% per hour.

One should understand that these kinds of scores are not actually absolute scores. We can see people who study for 10 minutes and absorbs like a sponge all the information and get 40% marks, well in those cases their scores are well above 100%

Let’s leave how it’s done to the experts. But let us analyze why this type of scoring is more important.

1. It evaluates how good a candidate can absorb information
2. It Tells you how well the candidate can perform under extreme pressures
3. Leaves out all those people who stores entire math problems in their head.
4. It Evaluates individual’s potential. A potential that could be Microsoft’s Passion.
5. Ensures that this model teaches the student everything. From A to Z of the topics involved with Continual Evaluation.

The Drawbacks include, we have to formulate a method to involve teaching teachers to evaluate how much time has a candidate used for studying, a particular concept. The concept also has a break point when a candidate scores marks without studying for a single minute or second. Then his rate would be infinate. For this the ideal solution would be to create minimum study time say a reasonable half an hour to one! What do you say?

I’d like to hear your comments or this darnest issue that we students as a whole face?

MS Office Professional Plus 2007


Installation was the simplest of all things. The first point of order you will notice is that the progress bar is not a liar unlike the previous version cheating on multiple runs. The welcome change is that you don’t have individual boxes for the product key. Just one long box for the entire thing.

As obvious the installation looks like simply like a page from the Mac’s Big book of GUI. Just a progress bar and the name of the product. On a large page with a simple background design.

Microsoft Word 2007

As obvious the interface has gone under a major facelift from anything I can relate to from the previous office products. The first thing that strikes me Is that the interface, I have seen it somewhere. Yep got it. It’s strikingly similar to the design in Microsoft’s Kids Software Interface with all the cool tools like Talk It and so on. That was a part of the Microsoft Plus Toolkit of the ever famous windows 98

Looks terribly blue. A major feature of the sliding bar for the zoom looks like a direct rip off from the Google’s Picasa Software. The Buttons are arranged logically. That is Clipboard, Font , Paragraph , Styles And Editing Sections.

Should say a terrible loss for those folks who are looking for the standard windows API that made it ever famous. Yeah I am talking about the File Edit Insert etc kind of menus. None of them exist anymore. Should say the main aim of windows was to give a common look and feel. Now I can safely say. Its time to relearn or reconsider.

Mouse over highlights has got a delay in fading. Looks like we are playing a light up keyboard. Anyways instead of menus this has got tabs. Tabs of stuff that we would like do. The plug-ins has got a special section. So it’s way too easy to find them.

Whatever happened to times new roman. Font.. The new default font is called Calibri (body) , looks like a makeover of Tahoma and Verdana.

Many features have been added like digital signatures. More support for file versioning and so on. A most welcome change is that the direct support for PDF document creation. I still don’t see the ODF hyped stuff these people talk about. So I guess I’ll wrap up Word Here. And review the rest.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Interface looks exactly similar to that of the word. Sheesh I sure did wish that it would be having an orange color scheme was like word logo blue. PowerPoint logo orange. That way. The most welcome change that I can say about PowerPoint is the themes. They got fewer themes and some of them looks cool. But really it’s nowhere near the Apple KeyNote. Wow that thing can deliver a keynote by itself. The theme I liked best (Civic) is really simple and neat. Another feature of this is mouse over preview of themes or options. It’s a great feature for all those running a dual core Intel D or an AMD x2 , but what about us poor folks it sometimes tends to be a disadvantage on the longer run.

Animations tend to be better understood with this version of PowerPoint as they are described as wipe from above. Instead they give a nice little diagram about what could happen with all arrows. And so on. But to tell the truth the blue is slightly getting on my nerves. Although I am a blue color freak, is getting a bit too annoying.

Another nice feature I found about PowerPoint is the new one in which one can have the presentation view. That is you can see how exactly the show will go on. Lucky me I could test out this feature and how it runs because I had my new Sony HDTV hooked onto my PC.

One can save the PowerPoint presentation as pdf. List like those Linux freaks do, it’s really cool to do it in windows. Another rip off from KeyNote is that the charts and diagrams have got textures that was a stunning feature of the Apple Software, The implementation is Nice but not as cool as one in KeyNote.

Finally, to speak of a common feature is the mark as final, as I consider myself as one of the lazy retard folks who can’t keep tag of where the final version of the file is. The office provides a MARK as FINAL option. But again. This has to be extensively tested against marking so many different files as the final. I guess a simple time stamp of when it was saved would save me the trouble of opening it and checking everything. Like I do with the previous versions.

Microsoft Excel 2007

As obvious as it is this devil also denies you to float around with toolboxes. All are fixed and they are on top. Just as adamant as Henry Ford was on Ford comes in all colors that are black. But that seems intelligible thing to do because after a while of using the office suite you will have to reset the tool boxes to the default location as the suite tends to look more or less like your very own desk. Cluttered and messy. Mouse wheel can move you through the tabs or ex-‘toolboxes’.

The first thing I noticed about this ever popular accounting / spreadsheet application is that the new sheet is as simple as a click away. Before one had to go click insert new sheet or right click new sheet option. But there seems to be a tiny button to do that daunting task for you. Although rename takes double clicking, it’s a welcome change from clicking exactly on the text saying “sheet 1” as in the prior variants.

I always have this question as how different colors are shaded based on the values in the boxes. I did ask few of my teachers at college about and they were like “oh yeah it does that?” attitude. Ah that makes me understand that they work on a template that is designed my someone else to enter our marks. But this version simplifies that task by an option called Conditional Formatting. You can color grade your values. So I guess I can see top students mark go green, bottom guys go red, but I still remain yellow. However that can’t change I guess.

Another Awesome feature about this is the Format as table option. I always wanted to format stuff like the calendar colors that word offers. But this thing helps you to do that automatically. Loads of preset ‘cell styles’ are offered that helps you pep up your numbers. As always the great leader Microsoft Taught us, or at least is helping us Make Numbers Fun with Colors.

The graphs have got a major make over in color. Yeah its cool to look at graphs with various colors rather than the obvious red blue green yellow combination. But shades of colour.


This is just a simple review by an engineering grad student at the way he uses office. So its a review of the major tools that i use. So to simply put it: this is just another upgrade, no major makeover other than the GUI, and some features here and there. The Claims are high the stakes are high, But the frank point is that I have never been as impressed by this major software company since Windows 2000. I really got freaky happy at the release of the Windows 2000 on 17 February 2000.

All I can see around Office 2007 is major Hype. And Of course the controversy of the ODF formats. But as long as the Beta is free, I’ll keep it.

Adios Buddies - Do Comment - Took lots of pain to write em

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Destined Anomaly

Indeed… whatever you do… you can’t mess with destiny..!!!…
If u are bound to be good… you will be… or vice versa…

That’s what I’ve been telling sujith, a friend of mine… its an age old concept… but I’d still like claim it as mine… because I’ve put serious thought into it…
Whatever happens…. its because you are destined to make it happen or it to happen….
its basically says the entire happenings on the world is pre programmed…
but I add something to it… if you are bound(and destiny says so) to get it .. Or do it… you can get it or do it… with MINIMAL effort…

But if someone… who is not programmed or destined to be the one.. However hard… how much ever he tries… one MAY NOT is able to achieve it…

If someone does. That one is great… The one is an anomaly to the system… to the world…. they are mostly world leaders… or highly influential people…
or simply happier people..!!Simple examples of this includes… getting rich… From extremely poor situations…: e.g. Ambani… he was destined to make a change… so he could do with a minimal effort that would have taken anyone else… take extreme pains… than what Ambani had to achieve the same….

Others is sheer will.. To succeed… and stubbornness…. to get what one needs…. e.g.: Gandhi… mahatma…
I would love to quote my favorite leader in this category… Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi… but some restrictions do make people… dead in the effort to be an anomaly….

what do you say?
True to every extent..?
Or what crap am I talking about?
Or do I have to put up with this?

As far as I’m concerned… I want to be an anomaly… if possible… if……. that’s destined for me… I am happy to be an anomaly…

do think about the last statement… its pretty recursive…

Monday, June 19, 2006

Retiring an Era !

Just found this email of just too great importance for you and i. Even if it doesn’t directly influences us.


Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2006 1:41 PM
To: Microsoft and Subsidiaries: All FTE
Subject: My Transition Plans

I wanted to take a moment to share some of my thoughts, as well.

As Steve’s mail indicates, I’ve decided that two years from now, in July 2008, I want to devote more time to the work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Right now and for the next two years, my full-time job is here at Microsoft, and my part-time job remains the Foundation. Beginning in July 2008, I will switch that, to be full-time at the Foundation, while remaining involved with Microsoft as Chairman and an advisor on key development projects on a part-time basis.

To prepare for this change, we have a well-thought-out transition process. Again, I will continue at Microsoft full-time for the next two years, but over the course of those two years, my day-to-day responsibilities will shift to a team of incredible technical leaders who are already doing amazing things at the company.

I feel very lucky that we’ve got extraordinary technical leaders at the company, like Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie, who can step up to assume the roles that I’ve played. I’ve known Ray for the last 20 years, and he has created some of the most important developments in the industry. Craig and I have worked together for nearly 14 years, and he’s been a technical visionary and a leader on policy throughout his career. With Ray and Craig stepping up, I feel very confident that the technical stewardship of Microsoft is in very capable hands.
And I feel the same way about our business leadership. Our core businesses are strong and we have a clear vision for how we will meet new challenges and opportunities. We just had our first $12 billion quarter, and we continue to generate almost a billion dollars in profit every month. We are about to launch breakthrough versions of Windows, Office and Exchange, which are already generating a lot of excitement.

Six years ago, Steve and I made a major transition when he stepped up to be CEO. He’s done a fantastic job by every measure, whether it’s the people he’s brought in, the new ways he’s running the company, or just the objective results - like doubling our revenue in six years. Steve has driven us to make bold bets on things like Xbox, Real Time Communications, business applications, IPTV, and many others including the Live platform. Steve is the best CEO I could imagine for Microsoft - he is changing the company in ways it needs to be changed. He is bringing in new leadership at all levels. And, he is focused on the long-term - making Microsoft a great company not just today but for decades to come.

With Steve’s organization of the company into three divisions led by our incredible presidents - Jeff Raikes, Robbie Bach, and Kevin Johnson - we’ve laid a solid foundation for greater autonomy, agility and entrepreneurial spirit in our product groups. And with the great addition of Kevin Turner as our COO, our leadership team has never been stronger.

Our deep technical strength is one of the key reasons I believe Microsoft is well-positioned for great success in the years ahead. I’m very pleased that in addition to Ray, Craig, David and Rick, Steve has asked J Allard, Bob Muglia, and Steven Sinofsky to play an expanded role in shaping the company’s business and technology strategy. And when you consider all of our remarkable Technical Fellows, Distinguished Engineers, all of the brilliant researchers working at our MSR labs around the world, and all the technical people in the business groups, I can safely say that our technical talent has never been stronger or deeper.

Obviously, this has been a very hard decision for me. Microsoft will always be a huge part of my life, and I’m lucky to have two callings that are so important and so challenging.

On a personal note, I know that my work on global health and education issues at the Foundation would never have been possible without the enormous success of Microsoft, so I want to thank you and all of the employees past and present who have contributed so much to this company.

For these last 31 years, I’ve had the best job in the world. I’ve worked with some of the brightest and most passionate people in the world. Together, we’ve built a great company whose products have empowered people around the world.

We’re only at the beginning of what software can do, and I’m excited about the impact that Microsoft can have. I’m going to take an extended vacation this summer with my family, but I’ll be back in late August and I look forward to working with all of you for the next two years and beyond, to make those dreams a reality.



Thursday, June 15, 2006

Funnylifian & I

Yeah, Its been 3 days and 171 visitors, reasonable performance for a first time blogger, in fact 5th time blogger. I rampantly search orkut for my old friends , friends whom I haven’t seen for a long long time..

I meet funnylifian, yeah I met around june of 2001, we’ve been reasonable friends if you could say that. But what I’d like to say about him is his few facts that makes him special.

I’ve been a thorough nerd during my school years, well no one can complain about that anymore. I remember those days when I used to sit in the last bench or the second last and listen to the drone of chemistry or physics on why hexane is made this way or why the sky is blue , why can’t it be red like the girl in the amity advert.

Money and I are like birds in a tree, they come they go. But funnylifian was sure of what he wanted, he used to save a lot of money, he used to always carry a big fat wad of 100’s or 500’s , always sure of what his future had for him. He used to study well. I don’t know about the present. Anyways I never used to study and I still don’t coz my exams are just 4 days away and I sit and write this. He used to have this sony’s tiniest walkman he used to bring to school and listen to music from it. He used to do pretty cool tricks and making it fall onto his shoes when teacher caught him.Sad I bought an ipod, its white wire shows up in whatever you’re wearing.

I remember those days when he taught me a subtle lesson in few things. I believe around October 2002 when we thought these days would never end. We used to make so much theory on thought.. machines and ideas. If you read his blog you’ll know about the a4 paper he keeps in his wallet. Well he used to do it in school as well. I remember when we used to write crazy theorems. Machines far efficient in mind than in practice.

The one thing that he did wrong to me was that he used to show around my work, whatever I’ve written to all others, I’m pretty protective of whatever I do. Atleast I consider it as personal. Unless of course it’s the next big thing since the internet kind of idea.

I used to believe in music , but not as much since Funnylifian taught me about Bryan Adams.(oh yeah he’s a big fan & so am I ) and Mettallica, I used to hate soft songs and hard metal. But he made me appreciate music as a person, an individual with a soul.

The second lesson he taught me is to be honest and own up whatever I’ve done. The lesson 2 was a very difficult one. The incident goes like this , another friend of mine provokes me to crack into his mail id for fun, yeah … yeah it’s fun when you are 17 nothing to worry about and above the law as a juvenile. Anyway I did it. The next thing I know is that funnylifian comes over to me and asks me why is it possible for someone to get into my id or something like that I guess someone have done that to me. I lied to coverup something nasty I did to him.

The truth surfaces, always it does. And it did. From his blog u can learn that he doesn’t like someone lying to him. That day onwards, we grew apart. Ideas became a mere piece of paper. Sitting there in the wallet, crumbling into the future.

So that’s the deal between funnylifian and I, I’d never forget him for what he’s taught me. For the whacky ideas we used to entertain.

Arbid Thoughts - Funnylifian

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Coolest Answers

Often I feel that I am less capable of handling situations as smart as my friends do. Here is a splendid example of such a situation where my friend’s brilliant answer rescued me from making a fool of myself!

On a cool Friday evening at 5pm, three of my collegemates, Sachin, Nimil, Sujith and myself were having chaat (a sweet and spicy North Indian Dish) at a Mobile-Shop on the roadside of the heavy traffic-town named Kadavanthra.At that time there was a large crowd surrounding the shop to feast on the chaat. We four guys had to stand by the footpath and eat our chaat. The chaat was fresh, crisp and tasty. And we really enjoyed it.

Finally Nimil decided to pay for all of us. And on opening his black leather wallet Sachin got a glimpse of Nimil’s passport size photograph. On seeing this, Sachin jumps with astonishment and asks Nimil sarcastically, “Hey why don’t companies accept you as an employee inspite of you being very handsome? If I were to start a company I would definitely employ you as one of my esteemed staff.

Sachin then seeks Sujith’s as well as my opinion on what would we both do if we were to start a company.

I was really hesitant to answer such a question and started to mumble, “umm, I think I would accept Nimil, I don’t have any justification as to why other companies have denied him. If I were to accept him in my hypothetical company I still don’t have any reason whatsoever…

Luckily I didn’t have to answer as the quick-witted Sujith came to my rescue, he boldly said,” you know what, if I were to start a company, I WILL NOT take him however qualified he is. Do you know why I won’t take him?

Its simple replies Sujith ,” I don’t want all the females going goo goo gaga over this guy once I employ him. It would directly hinder the company’s growth and effective performance. And as it’s my company I don’t want that to happen.

Edited By Dominic Antony