Monday, July 10, 2006

The Marking Scheme?

One of the first lessons that physics teaches us (well don’t worry that I’m going to talk about physics or anything boring, so read on) is that we have units of different kind. But what’s the use, we can’t measure distance between galaxies in nano-meters? Can we?

So here’s the deal of what I’m to blab all about. Like all major companies do, they device unique measures to prove that their product is better than anything you can find in this whole world. Be it your new flat screen TV, to the deo-spray you use.

Why has no one yet thought about the way they the old cronies evaluate our skills. With some concept called “marks”. Yeah innovative ideas like Grades, Percentile, Grade Point average, and plain old marks are there. But is it correct? Is this the best way to evaluate you?

Well in any case I don’t know much about you. But what I feel is that I can’t score anywhere you can call descent in these methods, because I’m a lazy kid. So Like all major companies I decided to push forward the idea, like kilometers/liter, why don’t we evaluate marks earned / hour studied?

The advantage lies with those people who do most of the learning the last minute. Critically the 11th hour. Well in some extreme cases 11th hour 59th minute and 58th second? Well those who do that will score terribly high in these scoring methods.

Ah lets consider the statistics, facts states that over 90% of the students fall in the category of those who study in the last minute. Lets not forget the 10% who scores well in the current schema, what will we give them?

Hmmm with reference to the current scenario in Delhi and other places in India, I guess we ought to allow for some reservation.

Think about the concept of studying for half an hour to get the essential 50%? Well that person has got a very high score in my marking scheme. The persons rate of studying is 100% per hour.

One should understand that these kinds of scores are not actually absolute scores. We can see people who study for 10 minutes and absorbs like a sponge all the information and get 40% marks, well in those cases their scores are well above 100%

Let’s leave how it’s done to the experts. But let us analyze why this type of scoring is more important.

1. It evaluates how good a candidate can absorb information
2. It Tells you how well the candidate can perform under extreme pressures
3. Leaves out all those people who stores entire math problems in their head.
4. It Evaluates individual’s potential. A potential that could be Microsoft’s Passion.
5. Ensures that this model teaches the student everything. From A to Z of the topics involved with Continual Evaluation.

The Drawbacks include, we have to formulate a method to involve teaching teachers to evaluate how much time has a candidate used for studying, a particular concept. The concept also has a break point when a candidate scores marks without studying for a single minute or second. Then his rate would be infinate. For this the ideal solution would be to create minimum study time say a reasonable half an hour to one! What do you say?

I’d like to hear your comments or this darnest issue that we students as a whole face?

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horemhebanubis said...

actually there is no flaw in your theory. when a guy studies nothing at all and gets 10 marks he is not part of the theory. theory is applicable only if you have studied. now if the guy studied 6 minutes and got 10 marks, yes he is part of system. else he is out anyway. he will be the real flunker.