Friday, August 08, 2008

To prove myself wrong

My immediate reactions and responses are pretty much the ones that never usually touches the brain..

Infact i feel most of my answers to questions can be improved given more time. But if i were given more time, i would never get the "perfect" answer out. I guess this is what people called regret.

Only once i have a stupid reaction or a response, i would go ahead and think well yeah, it could have been better. And to add insult to injury, i can come up with a better reaction that would have been better for me.

If I expand on this, i find that its true with everything i do. I write a piece of code or do something, after a while, I find that the entire stuff could be done better, in a better way..

It goes on as a fight against myself to improve myself. But its an infinite loop. So i don't do it often.

For example, I have a very narrow minded game of generalizing information, and i end up generalizing, a particular set in a very conclusive manner with some abstract weird but logical manner. It doesn't take long for me to break my on logic and improve upon it to get an almost inarguable generalization of the facts.

[I do love to make my friends convince that they are wrong in what the do]

Thinking of this.. It kind of makes me feel, to write another generalization

  1. The time taken to realize one's action was stupid, decreases as one matures.
  2. One can claim true intellectual maturity, if one can realize the stupidity of the action one is about to perform.

This is another one of my abstract posts, thanks for listening.