Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kinematic or Kinetic Typography

One of my newest obsessions

Wikipedia:Kinetic typography, is the technical name for "moving text," is a study of Communication Design in animation work involving text. The first part of the name 'kinematic' derives from the word kinetics (i.e. the motion of objects) and the second part of the name is the art of typography. This text is presented over time in some sort of way which can imply or evoke certain emotion. Some commonly seen examples include movie titles and credits, end tags, on web pages and other entertainment media.

A few examples
1.Pulp Fiction

2.The Matrix

And the link from where i ripped it off (shamelessly)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Code Names, Project Names & Just Names

No one usually questions me or even provokes a single thought in my mind on the stuff i name. Its weird to say it, buts its really true.

But recently(11 months back) Somebody realllly senior and authoritative question on my naming styles, and that provoked a spark in what i name.

I generally do ask around a whole bunch of people for some suggestions and end up with nothing., and i take the creative liberty to name all of my projects as well as the ones teams are present.[Disclaimer : Not Related to Work]

Like for instance, my initial naming style was so skewed, i named stuff Cr3ati, that's"Creative" when the 'ive' is dropped and 'e' is reversed for a '3'; and pronounced as "Crati", as similar to a "Crate", with a tagline "Creative Boredom"

Please note my wierd obsession of using a single quote for characters and double quotes for Strings. How Lame.

Anyways that's the old story. Moving on to more recent namings.

  • Why: I'm lazy and i work ?
  • What: College Major Project + other project(s) home page in future
  • Where: Online
  • When: Since Jan 2007
  • How: I really dont know, it happened
Project WildMeadow
  • Why: I wanted to do whatever i wanted to do
  • What: Flex based project, thats kinda very responsible for what i'm doing now, probably my future too
  • Where: Done at home, took about 3 months intially, improved it with another month of work
  • When: Idea was as old as from 2005, but never had a tool to work it out with, but actual work started on it late November.
Oh other honourable mentions would be
  • Project Capital Indigo
  • Project TrackMe
I guess the naming style is inherited from my father, who infact has pretty "wierd" name according to others. The fact is, I've heard of 30 different pronounciations and spelling combination for his company.

Once upon a time i had even used the correct spelling as a password !

But guess what, its so unique, people have been starting to mimic names like that. So i guess mimicing is the best form of flattery

Friday, July 25, 2008


I promised more posts
I promised new art (or atleast copy pasted old ones temporaryly )
I promised many things.

I promised myself to do or to improve some things or some activities, but no, i don't tend to keep promises.

Before i used to be a boolean guy with a yes or a no, at least towards others. May be its maturity or may be you can call it plain darn lazy, or something else.

But recently i find myself answering questions with the vaguest possible reply that wouldn't invoke the next question and would like to keep conversations short.

Boredom, another phase, or a brick on the wall?

And yeah
its been 11 months, i've been planning on my tech blog. Where is it... yeah i got it hosted long time back.. but no posts... sheesh thats gotto bring down value; Self esteem atleast !

Ah who cares !