Thursday, August 30, 2007

An amazing technology to solve all your aspect ratio problems.

This promising technology answers ALL the questions that you worriers of aspect ratio, movie details and what not trying to bring nonstandard to standards and vice versa..

One of the creators of this wonderful technology is now working for Adobe from Massachusetts.

Who isn’t annoyed you bought a over 1000$ TV it shows really boring black bars on sides or on top or bottom… If you zoom you loose data.. Well this technology promises a whole deal more to your problems.

I am an avid technology reader, but it’s very few instances like this one, when technology simply blew my mind away.

This movie has been watched over 178753 times already in just 10 days. That just creates an average of about 18 K views per day. If that doesn’t impress you on the technology; watch the video. Its self explanatory and out of this world simple.

The application of this technology is not limited to just images, but also for the whole big deal that movie watchers, TV makers are trying to solve.

The problem of aspect ratio. This method can ideally solve any of these problems and cut out that ugly black bars on the top/bottom or on the sides depending on your TV or anything else. It’s kind of amazing what a simple energy function can do; when applied in the right way.

Oh yeah. SE phones have a big trouble when coming to the aspect ratios of the wallpapers, its kinda cranky on those, and gets you really weird images. Well this is the best solution I can see for a whole deal of programs.

Just have a look at these images, none look falsified or anything. But it truly looks really original.. How about that. people.

This image resizing and manipulation demonstration is sort of jaw dropping, particularly as the video goes on. The related paper, written by Dr. Ariel Shamir and Dr. Shai Avidan is available here.