Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Google has kept its promise


Google's duo, asked their engineers to concetrate on features rather than number of applications. and thats how the stuff are progressing....
this is the new and improved interface for the google analytics
the tool that the webmasters use.


The main page of visits

The map overlay shows visit density based on continent.

Map Overlay Based on Country LEVEL.

Top Content Analysis

The most popular Browsers

By closely analyzing the site, i believe this new improvement is based on the new flex standards from adobe. the same improvements that they made in Google finance and Google trends; applies to Google analytics.

Anyways one can have the level of abstraction that was not present in the old interface. One could change the view of the map detail from city level, to country to subcontinent and finally continent level.

The new interface looks similar to that offered by finance softwares with important numbers in big.. Its good, and takes a little time to getting used to. For those users who use the old interface on hour to hour basis

For the current scenario. We have an access to the old version of the interface as well as the new one..

Like they did with the reader, they are improving it stage wise. Although Here again, a search functionality {THE BASE OF GOOGLE} is still missing like google reader.

By far the beta version of the new and improved version of goggle analytics seem stable.. Except of course a Firefox crash. Reason UNKNOWN..

Suggested method for using google analytics, A VERY LARGE SCREEN , my 15" TFT is not giving me enough space to move around and feel the interface.. Its now getting to look like the akamai visualizations you see on their videos.

Furthur suggestions, a perhaps a plugin KML for google Earth to locate the users, and perhaps something like that you guys have whipped up for the google visualizer. The one with the fires. It would be extremely kool.

Signing off

Saturday, May 05, 2007

When the search company forgot to search!

I have a ogling for google, I find it really hard to disagree with such a fantastic company. Sometimes I used to feel that google has too much of search. They search from webpages to mails, from products to friends. And the list is growing.

If I were to rhyme, it would be

Old Google had a search.
With a search right here
And a search right there
Here a search, there a search
Everywhere a search - search
Old Google had a search.
Ee i ee i o

But one of their famed product where I wish there could be a search. THEY DON’T HAVE IT.

That’s the google Reader http://reader.google.com why don’t they have a search there. What has happened. They’ve forgotten if their main aim is to search? Or they getting forgetful as they age. The reasons are unknown. But for the fact is true THERE IS NO SEARCH.

Is google loosing focus? In this big game of spending over 6-7 billion USD on acquisition are they getting a blurry vision?

Its upto you to decide.

They intend to send emails of RSS rather than search within them. SHow trends of whatever your reading methods. Features are good. BACK TO BASICS people lesson 101 Stick to your roots and your values.

Ofcourse One could defintily argue that its not even graduated out of labs, but I see a lot of products well in the early stages of labs, but they do have search. Remember this is the NEW AND RELOADED reader. So what do you say guys? gals?