Sunday, April 08, 2007

How orkut's Image Security Works & How to get over IT....

It's been a while since i blogged about something or the other... But this stuff is worth a blog entry... so here it is...

One of the most prominent and requested feature in orkut, the social network network of google.. is that the SYSTEM MUST not allow users to copy images, of other users!
Googlers,came up with a brilliant yet simple solution for this problem… To keep an image [transparent] over the actual image. So for 90% of the webusers. When they try to right click and save image. All they get is a transparent GIF image. Instead of the underlying image. As browsers of the day render in layers but clickable on one.

To get over the SYSTEM
You could do a print screen and photoshop it to get it. But what the heck. We all want the original right? This is the way to get that.
Even though its totally antisocial of me to blog on how to overcome the system. Its pretty simple.

1.Go to the desired Profile.

2. In firefox goto View > Page Source or press CTRL+U , or your browser equalent.

3.In the source window search for, “”

4.Copy That Entire Link into the browser’s address bar. And press go , Voila ,There you Have it a fully savable picture of the profile.

Naming Schema
Orkut uses a naming schema where the image is stored in a folder, named by the last 3 digits of the filename.

That’s all folks.