Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Really Old Articles

Hey i just found a bunch of articles that i used to host on my 2 million bytes of hosting space provided my sancharnet (my old isp).

The articles are at least clearly 2 years old.

Here they are
An Introspection into the Message Digest 5 Algorithm [Sadly DOC]
Uploaded on :15-Sep-04
Article on MD5 algorithm which got me a lot of prizes in and around my state. Oh yeah this stuff made me a quite popular geek in my college.

Monetary Policy??? [DOC again!]
Uploaded on : 03-Jan-04
Sort of like terminologies and other related information to the monetary policy.Got Absolutely No idea why i wrote this stuff. Not that well written too.

International Monetary Fund [RTF]
Uploaded On : 25-Feb-04
Yeah this one is well written with reference and so on. But clearly its not a final version of things. I guess its got comments and all written by me. Oh Where in the world shall i find the final version. Yeah But who cares its just comments to check the spellings and so on.

Aspect Oriented Programming [PDF]
Uploaded on :29-Dec-04
A not so popular paper from me. But its sort of average i should say. Not that great. But the explanation sort of stuff i did on stage for this were out of the world. But this one little paper got accepted at IIT-Delhi; For reasons beyond my comprehension.

After the AOP paper, i was like made the supergeek of the college.

Its like when sitcoms do a patch up job instead of a new show, i do a patch up article writing. But i most of them are worth reading.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Reasons Beyond : Who i Am !

Have i ever told you why i am doing what I'm doing right now? The reason why i am into computers.

I always am into thinking a lot, a lot about me, a lot about my future, near and far. I've always wondered what would be life when i am 60.I want to be appreciated for what i do. Nasty of me but that's what i need.

Its a crazy and weird thought, i always want to do something, something that was worth, no, something well appreciated. My first break was when i saw cartoons of Disney (In fact i still watch cartoons, some may find it strange, but anyways i do), in which it said that these cartoons are the work of animators from Disney a whole 60 years ago. That made me think about these people. The animators. Who would be retired, probably sitting on their rocking chair or doing something around the house.His kid's trying to make a living in some company or the other. Busy with the youth of life.

On a typical lazy Sunday. When his kid's are working in the garden, or making food. The grandchildren all sitting in front of the TV watching a cartoon that you help made possible. When some kid pipes up to the other one you know grandpa made that cartoon. What can i say about that. That's the best kind of job satisfaction anyone can get.its probably the proudest moment one could have.

Truly that's the best, better than the money you make, or anything you do.that's the best kinda impression you get back .. that i should say is the best job satisfaction you'll ever get Think about it.

And i decided to be that grandpa,

I tried with all my effort to be an animator. But god's fate for me was against me. I tried to draw a crow, but it looked like a crowbar. Lack of imagination combined with arms that wont move to make a smooth curve are not designed by god to make an animator.

I thought thought and seeked advice and soon many said that computers are the next biggest in animation, so you can do help animators make systems that's faster and better.

Damn the next morning i wake up , i see myself going for engineering in Computer science. However much its not my cup of coffee. As you may remember before computers have never used to be my favorite subject, but economics.

The thought about the grandfather,made all the difference.

what do you think about this

Typical answers

1. You have found enough reasons, to declare me crazy
2. You think dat i think 2 much & i shud get a lyf instead of writing this
3. You want to be an animator?
4. Get lost.

Definitely I'd like your response to this wonderful thought of mine, even if they are the ones listed above , or others like comments or something!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Monkey

You may conclude that i am

* Crazy
* Weird
* Cukoo
* Foolish
* _____________ [Something else!]

Made in some country , bought in UK , brought to India. Over 18 or 19 years old !
The only doll that survived after my recklessness.

Its name is "Monkey".. ! kinda lame to have a doll after 20 years on this earth. but i love my monkey!

I don't Converse with my monkey anymore , since 10 years now !

My sister asks my monkey, who's the monkey you are with ! + lots more!

It was designed to be a hanging toy! but not anymore , seems that i never liked the string on its head. I managed to pull it off keeping its head in a single piece

I am going to keep it. Whatever it takes to keep it.
Currently its been to the washing machine at least ten times to keep it clean. I think its getting too old for that kind of handling. So thinking of alternative to maintain it.

so what do you think of this?

Take Care

Sandy Boy [1% of people call me this way]
SnadBoy[i call myself this way]
Sandy[24% of people call me this way]
Big Guy[10% of people call me this way @ School]
Sandeep[60% of people call me this way]
Zach[5% of people call me this way @ School]
Sandeep Zechariah George K [0% of people call me this way]

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Google + Females

I've represented Google at many events for women in engineering, and I'm always asked the same thing: "What's it like to work there?" I certainly don't mind discussing the subject, but I often think it would be great if more people could see it for themselves. Well, now you can. We invite you to take a sneak peek inside Google and hear straight from some of our female engineers what life here is really like.

Of course, our goal of recruiting as many gifted female engineers as we can also means encouraging young women who are still in school. So I'd like to issue a hearty congrats to the winners of this year's Anita Borg scholarships.

- Jen Fitzpatrick, Engineering Director, Google