Sunday, February 10, 2008


These days I seem to be complaining and viewing things with a very critical eye. Is it age? Well I just don’t feel like appreciating things like I used to do before. Have I lately developed a superiority complex?

Or there are simply more things to complain about in the world than to appreciate?

I wanted to post about how the blogger interface is not inspirational enough to make me come back and write every day. And I find Microsoft office more inspiring to write blogs. It’s just that I don’t care; it’s that I don’t give a damn to anything anymore.

Few probable reasons.
  • In internet junkie who’s no longer on the net because of the superior quality of service available in Bangalore?
  • Away from home?
  • Not much friends around here?
  • or is it because im getting screwed over one thing or the other by a whole bunch of freaks.
  • or am i trying to adjust to the new place.
whatever it may be ;

Since I came to Bangalore, life has been moving towards the type of a typical IT guy in the city. Work hard and play hard.

Where as my previous motto was only one word. ‘Passion’

Well in any case, last night was the wake up call. I’m going to change back to my old ways. My passion leads me to my destiny; instead of bothering what others think and do; Instead of complaining to appreciate the little things.

I have to have a renewed interest in me, and what I am ment to do.

Other than that I’ve been putting off a whole list of small tasks that I wanted to do but never got around to doing that..

Like for instance, linking up 2 of my friends to my blog.

Ah what the hell do you care for. 15 comments. After one year of keeping the blog alive..

And most of them were actually about a video about a strike at college. Other than that I guess nobody cares J

And most of my visitors are here to actually find out how to rip of photos from orkut. Alteast that’s what my highest viewed post is all about..

Adios, toast to change ( ∆ )


horemhebanubis said...

i think ur prob is that you are getting bored and the lousy net connection you have. main prob of urs is boredness. ur job is now a plateau of accomplishment. u dont see any challenges ahead. dont worry. u will get some soon.

On Exile !!! said...

I agree with what he said ... but as u mentioned in the post that you are planning to re-ignite the PASSION and if u really meant it then thats the best decision and this plateau will be u r run way for take-off dude ! Trust Me Dude ! you are already Best in your cad...

Well regarding your blog being alive for 15 months and the poor response ( as per u r standards )except for those really techie stuffs u've posted...i have one ques ...wt makes u think that people are interested in u r life and take time to read what lows and highs u feel and all ...well they may if u become Steve jobs / or some celebrity ,,hehe then they may even be curious to know even the brand of undergarments u wear ... trust me dude .. tats world ( and tat includes u & me )
And Until u become a techie-celebrity , Hang on !
Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Hurray to self-pity!

Sneha said...

a simple techie who loves his cookies!! :) best line i ve come across