Sunday, July 23, 2006

Project TrackMe !


Ah Life seems to simple , yet too complex. Trackme is just a simple project.It does what it says.It’s gonna track me wherever i am and most of all let you know where i am.

How it works

Well well, all of us have mobile phones right? Have you seen that little area on the phone where it says either u are in Worli,Mumbai or Kadavanthra,Cochin. Yeah Thats the whole deal what i’m intending to do. I will write a little java application for my nokia phone, which will then send out this detail of Kadavanthra or Worli to this website and store all those details in a database and the date & time the server recieved that message.

It would then sort out which one would be the ideal one to show you, if there is any change in the location. It will do so around 96 to 100 times a day an average of one every fifteen minutes.


To put it simple, its just another one of my wacky ideas, i’d like to do when i’m not lazy. And when i feel like working on it. Hmm and you could always check on me if i am a lying or track my way for an appointment with you?

Current Status

Idea’s good. advisers say its doable. It’s way easy and practical. Ah that’s about the current status. Been too lazy to download the java Dev kit for mobiles specially my nokia darling.

Nah I'm too lazy to do this !

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